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DIY Cracker Kit with bright floral design in pink, yellow, red and lime green
1.  Bright flowers
Birthday Cracker Kit

DIY Cracker Kit with the word LOVE and red hearts
2.  Love
Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary Cracker Kit
DIY Christmas cracker kit with cupcake design
3.  Cupcakes
Party Cracker Kit

DIY Christmas cracker kit with ladybugs
4.  Ladybugs
Party DIY Cracker Kit

DIY Cracker kit with tiny hearts
5.  Tiny Hearts
DIY Cracker kit for weddings, engagement, Valentines

DIY wedding Cracker Kit with 'Save the Date' design
6.  Save-the-Date
DIY Cracker kit for weddings

DIY Cracker Kit with winged heart design
7.  Winged Hearts
DIY Cracker Kit for weddings, Valentines,
Anniversaries, Engagements, Save the Date.

DIY birthday crackers kit with airplane design
8.  Airplanes
DIY Cracker kit for boys' birthday parties

DIY Cracker Kit with polka dots design
9.  Polka Dots - OUT OF STOCK
DIY Cracker kits for any fun occasion

DIY Cracker Kit with rubber duckies design
10.  Rubber Duckies
DIY Cracker kits for Baby Showers, Announcements, Reveals
DIY Cracker Kit with Matryoshka Dolls design
11.  Matryoshka Dolls
DIY Cracker Kit

Rainbow colour DIY cracker kits
12.  Rainbow Kits for birthdays, special occasions,
LBGT events.

Hats can be purchased separately
Item #12
10 Hats for $6.85

Have you seen our
Holiday DIY Cracker Kits?


DIY Cracker Kits -
Make your own beautiful crackers!


DIY Cracker Kits - Make and fill your own special cracker.
Each Kit comes cello-packed making it suitable for gift giving or stocking stuffers.

Overall cracker size once constructed:
:: Approx: 8" long
:: Treat Tube Size: 3.5 x 1"

PLEASE ORDER SEPARATELY FROM OTHER ITEMS ON THIS WEBSITE or you will be charged extra shipping. Thanks!

10 Cracker Wraps
10 Cracker Snaps
20 pieces of precut ribbon
  1 sheet of instructions
  1 sheet with FAQs about the cracker tradition

Paper hats are available separately for an added charge. Available only with the purchase of a cracker kit.
Please order them below - item #13.

Price includes Shipping & Handling Costs.

One Cracker Kit: 
USA $23.50 each

Canada $21.50 each
International $26.50


1 kit

Usually available to ship within 2 business days.


Receipt of your order depends on your location. It can take 2 days to Toronto and sometimes 3 weeks to Arizona. It depends on where you live (urban or rural or territorial) and how fast the mail is moving!

To be safe:

Allow at least up to 2 weeks for delivery within Canada

Allow at least up to 3 weeks for delivery to the USA

To order paper hats, add #13 below.

1.  "Bright Flowers"

2.  "LOVE"
3.  "Cupcakes"
4.  "Ladybugs"
5.  "Tiny Hearts"
6.  "Save the Date"
7.  "Winged Hearts"
8.  "Airplanes"
7.  "Polka Dots" - Out of Stock
10.  "Rubber Duckies"
11.  "Matryoshka Dolls"
12.  "Rainbow Kit"
13.  Paper Hats ( 1 pkg of 10 hats )
Price:  $6.85

IMPORTANT - Please Read the SHIPPING NOTES. You will be asked to agree to these terms in the shopping cart before purchasing your holiday crackers.

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