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Christmas Crackers
Our crackers are all about FUN and QUALITY!

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What we do at GillianCrackers!

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The Elves LOVE
making Crackers for YOU!

Christmas crackers with reindeer
Silver Snowflake Christmas crackers
Christmas crackers decorated with green trees
Playful Reindeer Silver Snowflakes Trees on Lime

Choose from one of the Christmas Cracker
paper design choices above.
Indicate your preference by name
in the shopping cart when you order.
lime coloured Christmas Cracker for the holidays
Christmas Activity Puzzle pack with paper hat and pencil
maple syrup candy
green paper hat crown
Christmas crackers jingle bells tree decorations
Christmas cracker jokes

Every Christmas cracker receives
a tiny tree decoration,
an activity sheet with puzzle pencil
and a paper hat.

We try to vary the paper hats and activity sheets
as much as possible to provide lots of variety
in every order .

However, all activity sheets contain the same puzzles.
The Christmas Cracker Elves know how much families like to race to see who can finish their puzzle set first!

Christmas crackers Activity sheet

A fun Christmas charade is packed into ever
Family Classics Crackers.

And, we include a sheet with 'Charades Hints'
to help your family enjoy an hilarious game!

Our crackers are all about FUN and QUALITY!
We are proud to present again in 2015 our Family Christmas Crackers "Classics" - loved by families all over North America and beyond for nearly 20 years!

We make each of the holiday crackers in your order a little bit different from one another for optimum family fun - providing a variety of holiday jokes, activity sheets and tiny tree decorations!

:: Paper Hat,
:: 2 pieces of quality Christmas sweets
:: Card with three printed charades
:: Mini Christmas Tree Decoration
:: Activity Sheet PACKED with Word &Maze Puzzles, Holiday Trivia & lottsa fun!
:: Tiny Puzzle Pencil & Eraser
:: Seasonal Joke (fun holiday-themed jokes the whole family will enjoy)
:: And a really great Snapper!

$7.50 each


5 crackers

Order now for Christmas December delivery.

Limited Availability. The bulk of our customer orders begin arriving here in June.
First come - first served while quantities last.

Included with each order of 5 or more crackers is one free copy of our 'Waiting for Christmas' booklet!

Please indicate your choice of design in the Shopping Cart 'special request' box.  If we don't receive your choice option, we will pick a design for you. Thnx.

Box of 5 Crackers

Price: $37.50
Buy Christmas Crackers USA Buy Christmas crackers Canada

Box of 10 Christmas Crackers
Price: $75.00
Buy Christmas crackers USA Buy Christmas crackers Canada

Box of 25 Christmas Crackers
Price: $187.50
Box of 50 Christmas Crackers
Price: $375.00
to select your SHIPPING ZONE.

IMPORTANT - Please Read the SHIPPING NOTES. You will be asked to agree to these terms in the shopping cart.

We cannot fill your order unless you agree to the Shipping Notes Terms. Thnx!

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Our Customers write...

They're here!!!  The mailman brought them about 30 minutes ago!  I'm so excited!  I'm so glad you tied the ribbon in knots, otherwise I would be too tempted to peek at the contents!!   It will be difficult but I'll wait and be surprised with the family on Christmas morning!!


Just think of all the extra fun and laughter there will be on Christmas, thanks to you and the crackers you created!  I am one among many who appreciate all your hard work!

Donna L. - California

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of Bracebridge, Canada
located in Muskoka - Ontario's Cottage Country.

We sell Christmas crackers all over Canada & the USA


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